Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rich Singaporeans

Forbes has published its inaugural list of the 40 richest Singaporeans:

Here are the top ten richest.

Here are ten of Singapore's largest publicly traded companies and the people who run them.

CompanyTycoon (Rank)Market Cap (US$Mil)IndustryPerf YTD (%)
United Overseas BankWee Cho Yaw (4)$14,800banking4.8%
OCBCLee Seng Wee (5)12,600banking-5.2
City Developments Ltd.Kwek Leng Beng (3)5,200real estate4.0
Venture Corp.Wong Ngit Liong (24)2,000electronics-14.5
Olam InternationalMurli Kewalram Chanrai (7)1,400agriculture/trade-5.3
Raffles EducationChew Hua Seng (11)820schools48.8
Labroy MarineTan Boy Tee (12)780shipping74.1
Wing Tai HoldingsCheng Wai Keung (18)760retail/textile13.6
HyfluxOlivia Lum (17)680 water purification-24.4
OSIM InternationalRon Sim Chye Hock (15)570health products26.0


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